Loudon County woman loses heirloom ring during 'Cold Water Challenge'
6 News Reporter

LENOIR CITY (WATE) - A Loudon County woman is hoping for some help after taking part in the Cold Water Challenge, a social media trend to support good causes. People jump into the water and then challenge others to do the same.

Jenny Rogers beat her battle with breast cancer five years ago, but now she's facing another setback. While trying to raise cancer awareness over the weekend, she lost her 80-year-old heirloom engagement ring. She now hopes a miracle brings her ring back.

"It just completely came off my hand and it was so dark, everyone jumped in to find it, but there was just nothing we could do," she said.

Rogers and her friends jumped off a dock around midnight Friday at Willy's Bar and Grill in Knoxville. They wanted to raise money and awareness for cancer through the Cold Water Challenge.

Rogers never thought she'd lose her 80-year-old engagement ring in the process.

"We decided we were going to participate in the Cold Water Challenge, which is this huge thing going around Facebook where you jump in water and you challenge other people to do it, and if they don't do it they have to pay $100 to the charity of your choice."

Rogers chose the charity "Stand Up to Cancer" because she's a survivor herself. While pregnant in April 2009, doctors diagnosed Rogers with breast cancer and gave her a gloomy outlook.

"I was told I had a week to live, and I was just shy of my third trimester of pregnancy," she said.

Rogers fought and proved them wrong. Following more than two dozen rounds of chemotherapy and a near-death experience during reconstructive surgery,
doctors found no evidence of cancer in 2010.

Despite the disease. Rogers had a healthy baby girl with the man who's now her fiance and is thankful he stuck by her side during it all.

Rogers says he proposed in January with the ring that once belonged to his grandmother, making it that much more special to Rogers, and that much more difficult to lose.

"I hate not having my ring. I feel very strange without it. I don't need anything fancy. I would just really love to have my ring back," she said.

Although Rogers says the sentimental value of the ring can never be replaced, in time, she would like to have a new engagement ring.

More online: Jenny Rogers' Gofundme site

She set up a Gofundme site in hopes of raising money for the ring, but she still hopes it's found. If so, she'll donate the money raised to Stand Up to Cancer in hopes of finding a cure for the disease that almost took her life.