Release From Loudon County Director Of Schools, Jason Vance

Loudon County Team,

Moving from Good to Great takes hard work, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. I appreciate all members of the Loudon County team as we constantly reflect on ways we can work together to continue to move our district forward always keeping students the center of our focus. As my college football coach once said, " The best teams make adjustments to their game plan after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Those teams are the teams that win championships." As educators and administrators, we must regularly reflect on best practices and be willing to change as needed to ensure the success of our students. I am excited to announce some changes to our district level leadership that will continue Loudon County Schools on the path to excellence for all students.
Mike Casteel will serve as the principal at Greenback School. Mike's proven leadership skills from North Middle School will benefit the Cherokee's as they continue their pursuit for academic excellence.
Matthew Tinker will return to North Middle School in the role as principal. Matthew's hard work and commitment to student achievement will contribute to the Stars' high achieving culture.
Christie Amburn will take the helm as principal at Fort Loudon Middle School. Christie's instructional leadership abilities will encourage the Braves as they continue to move forward academically.
Marvin Feezell will assume principal responsibilities at Steekee Elementary School. Marvin's dedication to student achievement through data will continue the Scouts' quest of moving from Good to Great.
Stephanie Smallen will serve as an assistant principal at Loudon Elementary School. Stephanie's ability to analyze data and make instructional decisions will contribute to the Redhawks' academic success.
Tonya Cope will assume assistant principal responsibilities at Steekee Elementary School. Tonya's ability to model research based instructional strategies to improve instruction will move the Scouts forward academically.
Jeremy Lorenz will serve as an assistant principal at Loudon High School. Jeremy's dedication and commitment to student achievement will benefit the Redskin Nation on their drive for excellence.
As we move forward as a team , I am reminded of a conversation I had with my daughter this weekend which changed my perspective. We must make each moment we are given a memorable one. Every opportunity provided, no matter how great or small, we must give our best as a child is always impacted.

Jason Vance
Director of Schools