Be On Look Out

Loudon County Sheriff’s Office issues warning about aggressive door-to-door salespeople

LOUDON (WATE) – The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning after they received several complaints about people selling door-to-door carpet shampoo and other items.

The sheriff’s office said in several of the incidents the subjects had been very aggressive in their sales tactics and even entered homes uninvited. Deputies said they have received multiple complaints around Loudon County over the last couple of days.

The subjects were driving a black Chevy Suburban and handing out flyers, according to deputies. They were last seen around Highway 3321 in the area of the Blount-Loudon county line.

Anyone in contact with the subjects is asked to call the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office at (865) 458-9081. The sheriff’s office said only contact the number if the subjects are currently in your area.