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Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider today announced the arrest of Douglas Scott Reppond, 50, of 1305 East First Avenue in Lenoir City, TN, for one count of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Sheriff Guider advised that his investigators and the Blount County H.E.A.T (Hi-Tech Evidence and Technology) unit had been conducting an investigation involving Mr. Reppond’s downloading of child pornography. Upon finding probable cause, a search warrant was issued for the residence of Mr. Reppond on October 21, 2013. When the search warrant was executed, several different items were taken from the residence including hard drives, thumb drives, discs, and other items including what appeared to be marijuana. Mr. Reppond did admit to downloading child pornography on his computer.

The Sheriff also stated it is important to aggressively pursue these cases due to the obvious reason of children being involved. The Loudon County Criminal Investigation Division is a member of ICAC, the Internet Crimes Against Children task force in which the Blount County Sheriff’s Office is also a member. The two counties work together sharing information that leads to these arrests. He also noted that the District Attorney General’s office also has to sign off on every search warrant of this type and District Attorney General Russ Johnson has been very helpful in these types of cases.

Mr. Reppond was arrested without incident and is being held under a $40,000 bond. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor is a Class D Felony and the sentence range is 2-12 years in prison. The Sheriff asks that anyone with information regarding other possible internet crimes to report them immediately to their local law enforcement.