Loudon County service dog headed to Baton Rouge

A Loudon County service dog is headed to Louisiana on Tuesday to help comfort officers and the community after fatal shootings over the weekend.

Jewel, a golden retriever and support dog, is working in Baton Rouge, La., in the aftermath of three law enforcement officers shot and killed Sunday.

Itís not the first time Jewel was sent to help after fatal shootings. Jewel went to Orlando following the June 12 shooting inside a nightclub that left 50 dead.

Rev. David Buss, the pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge, La., invited the Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) K-9 Comfort Dog. Dogs with LCC have gone in the past to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and Arizona fires.

Jewel has received 3,000 hours in training to prepare her for comforting people. She is trained not to bark or jump on people or furniture.