Loudon County School Fee Waiver Explanation


The Loudon County Board of Education recognizes that there may be certain fees charged to students that are appropriate and authorized.  The Loudon County Board of Education further recognizes that certain students and their families are not financially able to pay student fees. The Loudon County Board of Education shall not charge any student fees as a condition of attending school in Loudon County. Recently, the Tennessee State Board of Education put into effect a new law regarding student fees.  The new law states that local school systems may request but cannot require payment of school fees.  Under certain circumstances, student fees are needed to fund certain activities. Parents will be given the opportunity to pay all or any portion of a school fee that has been approved by the Board of Education. Upon parental request and verification of need, school fees may be waived. 


Annual notification of all applicable fees and the fee waiver process will be provided to parents via registration paperwork.  Parents may request a waiver of any or of all approved school fees. Parents will also be given an opportunity to pay all or any portion of a school fee that has been approved by the Board of Education.  The Director of Schools shall oversee the fee waiver process.   The annual waiver process shall confirm to the guidelines established by the State Department of Education.


Students who destroy, damage, or lose property owned or leased by the Loudon County Board of Education including, but not limited to, buildings, school buses, books, equipment, shall be required to reimburse the Loudon County school System for the actual cost of replacing or repairing such materials and equipment.  Financial obligations incurred for the above mentioned reasons are not considered as school fees.  Costs associated with extracurricular activities that occur outside the regular school day including sports, optional trips, clubs or social events are also not considered to be school fees.  


School fees shall be defined as fees incurred for any activity that occurs during the regular instructional school day, including field trips if the majority of the field trip occurs during the regular school day or for any activities and/or supplies required to participate in courses required for credit or grade.


Applications for fee waiver requests must be made on the form provided by the school system.  Applications will not carry over from year to year and must be completed annually. The school district will treat the application and application process as any other student record and student confidentiality and access provisions will be followed. Students requesting a fee waiver shall not be identified to other persons except to those school employees who need to know.  


Applications may be made at any time. However, waivers will not be approved retroactively for fees previously paid or specialized items, or attire purchased by students and only those fees and items eligible for waivers as required by state statute shall be waived.  If for any reason a fee waiver request is denied, parents will have the right to schedule a meeting with appropriate school personnel to discuss the validity of the denial.



M. Wayne Honeycutt

Director of Schools