Loudon County man charged after attempted break-in, shooting

LOUDON - A Loudon County man who tried to kick down his father's door and was shot in the chest has been charged with attempted aggravated burglary.

Todd Aaron Edwards, 37, was arrested Tuesday and is being held on $75,000 bond, according to Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider.

Edwards is accused of going to his father's house in Lenoir City on July 9 and trying to force his way inside. He allegedly called his father, Pierce Edwards, about 10 minutes before arriving and threatening to kill him and his wife if he could get inside the house.

He allegedly parked directly in front of the entrance to the house, authorities said.

He then tried to kick the door down, authorities said. Investigators found evidence that the door had been kicked.

Guider said that Pierce Edwards then fired two shots through the front door of the residence, hitting his son.

Guider said Pierce Edwards had been fearful of his son prior to the shooting incident. He and his wife stayed in a hotel once after being threatened by Aaron Edwards, authorities said.