Election Update

Unless some major change takes place, the election for the new general sessions judge will be on the March 3, 2016 primary ballot. The March 3rd primary will also be the presidential preference primary meaning the voter turnout will be very high. The other local election that will be on this ballot is the Loudon County Property Assessor.

Historically in Loudon County, the republican primary elections usually determine the outcome of the election since generally no democrats run for county wide office. However, back in 2001, when the current general sessions judge's seat was on the ballot, five candidates  ran for the office. Three republicans and two independents. Rex Dale won the republican primary then went to defeat both independent candidates in the August general election. 

The first day to pick up qualifying petitions to seek office in the March 3rd election will be September 11th. 

Below is the public notice pertaining to the appointment of the new judge. County commissioners will make that appointment at their August 3rd commission meeting. That appointment will only be for the time from then till the August 2016 county general election.   

Loudon County is currently accepting resumes from those wishing to seek appointment for General Sessions Judge. All applicants must first be qualified under T.C.A. §8-18-801 and §16-15-5005. All resumes should be delivered or mailed to Mayor Buddy Bradshaw’s office at 100 River Rd., Suite 106, Loudon, TN 37774 no later than 4:30 PM on Friday July 17, 2015. All qualified applicants should submit their original and 12 copies of their resume (containing their sworn statement that they possess the qualifications contained in T.C.A. §8-18-101, §16-15-5005, and TN Constitution Article 6, Section 4 in writing) for potential nominations to be discussed at the Commission Workshop held on July 20, 2015. Commissioners will, upon proper motion and second, vote to appoint the Second General Sessions Judge at the County Commission meeting held Monday August 3, 2015 to be effective on September 1, 2015.

While the ad states that resumes must be in by a certain date, nominations may still be made by commissioners at the August 3rd meeting.