Loudon County deputies ask for help in finding home invasion suspects
LENOIR CITY (WATE) - The Loudon County Sheriff's Office is asking for help in finding two home invasion suspects.

David Allen Flanagan, 28, and Justin Darrell Cozart, 32, are both wanted on aggravated robbery charges.

Deputies say they were called to a home on Martel Road Sunday afternoon just after 5 p.m. The female victim said she was home with her boyfriend, her son, and her roommate when two men entered with masks and guns.

She said one of the men tried to pull her pants down while the other went into the boyfriend's bedroom. She noticed the men had zip-ties and yelled for help from her roommate.

The boyfriend said the other man entered his bedroom with a gun and demanded money.

The roommate then came out and ran after the two men who fled from the house, down the railroad tracks toward Morton Road.

Officers were able to locate a Nissan Sentra parked by the railroad tracks on Morton Road without any keys in it. They also found a mask and gloves in the nearby woods, matching the victim's description.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers found Flanagan's identification along with Cozart's cell phone, which was plugged into the car's cigarette lighter.

Anyone with information should contact the Loudon County Sheriff's Office at 865-988-3785.