Loudon County

Director of Schools Search Process


  • Evaluation of candidates credentials and resumes (Completed by March 7, 2008)


  • Board Accepts Recommendation of 6 candidates for Interview (March 13, 2008)


  • Board Approved Process for Interview:  (February 14, 2008)


1.      Interview questions selected from among board member recommended 



2.      Consultant schedules interview for 6 board approved candidates.

(First week of April, 2008)


3.      Interview process will be followed for each interview – each board member

will individually score each candidate with the same instrument and

concluding the interview the instrument will be sealed together.  At the

conclusion of all interviews, the scores for each candidate will be totaled and

the 3 highest scores will be invited for a second and final interview.


4.      Consultant schedules interview for three finalists.  (3rd/4th week – April, 2008)


5.  Identical interview process will be followed and the candidate with the highest

     score will be invited to negotiate with the school board for the director’s



6.  Board negotiates contract with new director.  (May 2-16, 2008)