Loudon Co. officials say eclipse will bring chaos on the roads

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Most of the big eclipse events are in Monroe County, but thousands of people will be driving through Loudon County on their way there.

Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis talked to Loudon County Sheriff's Office to see how they're preparing.

Fort Loudoun sits right on the water. It's a beautiful place to watch the moon eclipse the sun on Monday.

Organizers have sold 2,000 tickets already and expect a total of 4,000 people to come watch the eclipse in the area.

Justin Rexrode, with the Fort Loudoun State Historic Area said, "It's going to be kinda chaotic. Not sure what to expect. We've been warned. We're just asking people to be patient."

Organizers have put up tents for shade, and they've ordered 30 porta-potties. They will be selling water, food trucks will provide food, and there will be a nurses' station for emergencies.

Rexrode said, "That's our health concern, is making sure people drink enough water, stay out of sun and eat something."

With all of those people heading to Vonore, Sweetwater and Madisonville, Loudon County had a big meeting with emergency officials to prepare for the traffic.

"It's going to be very congested and a very dangerous area," said Jimmy Davis with the Loudon County Sheriff's Office.

Loudon City is adjusting their courthouse hours to keep extra people from coming into the area.

Loudon County will have three times the number of traffic patrols, and officials are warning people to carpool and watch out for pedestrians.

"So many people are going to be in the area," said Davis. "It's going to be very congested. We made sure certain roads are open so we can get to the hospital or get to the emergencies in Sweetwater and Philadelphia."

Meteorologists are predicting a "feels like" temperature in the mid-90's, so viewers should make sure to drink lots of water, carpool and wear special eclipse glasses to protect your retinas.

Once the eclipse is over, the City of Loudon may close the bridge and have all traffic going one way if it gets too bad.

Loudon County will also have their boat in the water patrolling the waterways.