Loudon Co. woman says mix-up is keeping her from voting

6 News Reporter

LOUDON COUNTY (WATE) -- A Loudon County woman says she won't be casting a ballot in this election because of a registration mix-up.  

MarLetta McCleary noticed voting signs last week and called Loudon County Election officials to find out where she could vote early.

"They asked for my name and I told them, and they said, 'We don't have you in the registry.'"

McCleary and her husband had moved from Knox County to Loudon County in January 2005 and renewed their licenses online.

"You think that when you renew your license that you're registered to vote," McCleary says.

However, Tennessee Department of Safety officials say another step is required if you do your renewal in person or online. If you choose yes, you're automatically sent a voter's registration form.

Still, McCleary says voters need be made more aware of this very important right before it's too late.

"I don't recall there being a box at all. There could be, but I don't recall. It's been so long ago, and if there was, I'm sure I marked it," she says.

McCleary is still registered to vote in Knox County, but is considered inactive. That means if she goes to vote she'll need to bring her current address. The problem is she's a Loudon County resident and that's illegal.

"I am registered, but they're not going to let me vote," she says.

McCleary fears she's not the only one. "I'm convinced that many people will get to go vote and when they get there, their votes are not going to count and that's a concern."