Loudon Co. Deputy to teach kids free self-defense classes

Loudon County Deputy Daniel Ferguson, who has an extensive background in mixed martial arts, will soon teach self-defense and martial arts classes to underprivileged kids in Loudon for free. 

Ferguson first learned martial arts when he was 13 years old after an instructor taught him the skill for free. He's been practicing and teaching ever since. 

"Martial arts and self-defense is like CPR: You need to know it, but pray to God you never have to use it," Ferguson said. 

As a deputy, Ferguson has used many of his martial arts skills will on duty. He said it has taught him discipline, confidence and diligence. 

"It's not only for fighting but it's also for self-confidence. It builds self-confidence in someone and it also builds knowledge in someone," Ferguson added. 

Since he has learned many life lessons with martial arts, he decided to reach out to children and offer free classes, which are set to start next week. 

"I just want to return my knowledge and what I know back to the community to these kids. If they don't have the money to come, then they can come in and we'll provide a uniform for them and we'll provide the lessons for them for free," Ferguson shared. 

The classes will be held Saturday morning starting at 10 at the TTJC Karate studio on Mulberry Street in Loudon.