Loudon Co. residents discuss code violation enforcement

wbir.com-Property owners in one East Tennessee community say they're being harassed by a county official.

People from across Loudon County packed a meeting to express their frustration over code violation fines handed out by the county. Many said they felt they were seeing more fines handed down their way.

One man received a letter from the Loudon Planning and Codes Department that told him he had to clean "tires and junk" from his property. The man's letter said it would cost the county $1,500 to clean up the mess.

The actual fines were lower than that amount, but those in attendance said they wanted to hear more from city's planning and codes director on the matter.

Loudon County Farmer Jonathan James said the department is treating residents unfairly.

"I've never had a problem besides what you saw there with codes enforcement," said James on the meeting.

The department director, Russell Newman, told the crowd an aggressive new employees was responsible for all of the new fines being sent through Loudon County.

10News tried to interview him after the meeting, but he declined.

Loudon County Mayor Estelle Herron said the county plans to look into the issue more.

"I think these are ordinances and resolutions that were passed probably back in the early 1970s, 1973 as I'm told," she said.