Looking Ahead

As I reported last week, candidates for the November city elections can now pick up qualifying petitions and several have done so. Looks like we may have a busy November election.

It's still early for this election but I'll keep you up to date as other candidates pick up petitions. Candidates have till August 21 to file a petition.

City Name/Position Name Date Issued  Date Returned
Alderman (4)      
  Delmar Davis 5/23/2014  
Lenoir City
City Councilman (3)      
  Mike Henline 5/23/2014  
  Buddy Hines 5/30/2014  
  Jim Shields 5/23/2014 5/27/2014
  Steve Shoemaker 5/23/2014 6/2/2014
City School Board (2)      
  Jim Mc Carroll 5/23/2014 6/2/2014
  Bobby Johnson, Sr. 5/23/2014  
  Mike Cartwright 5/29/2014  
  Jimmy Greenway 6/4/2014  
  Jeffery Walters 6/3/2014  
City Council (4)      
  John D. James 6/3/2014  
  Owen D. James III 6/4/2014  
  Judy Jones 5/27/2014 6/3/2014
  Earl L Millsaps 5/27/2014  
  Dennis Stewart 5/27/2014