Local woman begins white cross initiative

Heidi Lara News-Herald.net

One local woman is encouraging Loudon County residents to display white wooden crosses in their front yards to support a nationwide movement.

The effort began in 2008 after a Frankenmuth, Mich., resident requested the removal of crosses from a city landmark and the city logo.

After Kimberly Girbert received a cross from her cousin in Florida, she asked the Rev. David Thompson at My Father’s House for his support.

“I also visited most church pastors in Lenoir City,” Girbert said. “I thought if they could get their ministry team, youth group, senior group or men’s group to make them and pass them out, we could cover Loudon County in white crosses.”

During the last two weeks, Girbert has distributed 232 crosses throughout the community.
She makes them available free of charge by leaving them on her front porch for people to pick up.
“This is a movement that has gone across the USA with great success,” she said. “There are many people that are involved because they want to have a positive impact on the area they live. One man has made over 30,000 and I think we have been successful by giving out over 200. We have a long way to go, but with every endeavor you have to start some place and I started in my front yard.”
Thompson shared the meaning behind the initiative with My Father’s House members Sunday, saying it makes a stand for Christianity.
“It seems like everything is going on to put Christianity down,” Thompson said. “We love the Lord and want the world to know it. We have someone in the church who works to build these. We’re trying to get as many of them put out as we can.”