Liquor And Liars,
It's All About The Taxes

With the November election getting closer, I'm sure our three liquor lovers, Ed Bell, Dr. Barry Gordon and John Tuck are gearing up to spread more lies and deception in hopes of getting their liquor stores in Lenoir City and Loudon. Their going to tell us the same old tired story, it's all about the taxes. Bell even made the statement in one of his news interviews, "we're not promoting drinking." Right.

The tax myth is just misinformation. Loudon County and Lenoir City already receive their share of the state alcoholic beverage tax. This tax is collected by the state from liquor wholesalers and the proceeds are then distributed to each county and city based on population and land area. The addition of liquor stores in Lenoir City or Loudon County will not increase our share of the state tax by one penny.

The only additional tax collections that would be realized by local government would be the two cent sales tax that would be collected on each sale of a bottle of liquor. This would hardly cover the cost associated with city services that a liquor store would require not the least of which is police protection.

Don't be taken in by the lies. The only reason these three men want liquor stores is to make themselves a lot of money. Below are just a few of the headlines from a Google search. Is two cents really worth it? You will decide.

CUMBERLAND GAP, Tenn. September 28, 2006  Authorities continued their investigation Thursday into a double homicide during an overnight armed robbery attempt at a liquor store near the Tennessee-Kentucky line.

There was a deadly gunfight at a liquor store in Inglewood Saturday night. Nashville Tn.

A liquor store surveillance camera captured video of a Hummer crashing into the store front early Thursday morning. Macon Ga.

Police seeking three men who robbed liquor store. Ventura Co.

Liquor store robbed at gunpoint. Precinct 8, Parkville Il.

Liquor Store Clerk Killed in Daytime Robbery. PRINCE GEORGE'S Co.

The North Avenue liquor store where a man was fatally shot last month and that police say is a hub for drug dealers was ordered yesterday to close by Baltimore police.

A liquor store clerk who sold booze to a teenager is headed to jail. Rocky Vue never checked for identification when he sold a 19-year-old a bottle of Southern Comfort and four 40s. The teenager later got in a car, ran a red light and killed Rebecca Yacob just a few blocks from her home. Minnesota.

Five men robbed a liquor store Tuesday afternoon. CONCORD Ca.

Backhoe used in Dallas liquor store smash-and-grab. Tx.

Liquor store clerk beaten in robbery attempt. Ky.

Accused Killer Faces Death Penalty In Liquor Store Slayings. San Diego.

The liquor store, long considered a crime magnet in the area by community members, has been evicted by its building owner. The owner said it will never be a liquor store again. "The business was in fact either negligently or intentionally acting as a safe haven for drug activity," City Attorney John Russo said. Oakland Ca.

Liquor Store Shooting Leaves Employee Paralyzed Tucson Az.

A man was shot and killed at a liquor store off of safe and reliable North Avenue on Saturday night. Baltimore Md.

Lake City man was arrested and charged with armed robbery of a liquor store. Fl.

The owner of a popular downtown liquor store was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly dealing drugs out of his business. San Jose, Ca.

A woman and child have been sent to the hospital after a man hit their car in a North Knoxville liquor store parking lot on Saturday night.