Fore Note: This is just another example of why education should be managed locally instead of by the state or federal government. They mandate ridiculous requirements and can't even fulfill their part of the requirements.  

Letter from Director Vance About Report Cards

Dear Parents:

I wanted to update you about a situation that developed this week.  All school systems were emailed on Tuesday with a notification by the Tennessee Department of Education that there would be a delay of at least 10 or more days in the release of TCAP scores for students in grades 3-8.  As you know, TCAP scores are required by law to count as a percentage of the studentsí final grade, and in our system the scores count as 15% of the second semester average.

We were given two choices of which a decision had to be made quickly. We could postpone studentsí end-of-year report cards or request a waiver allowing them to calculate studentsí final grades without TCAP scores.  I requested a waiver for our students, which means that the studentsí grades in class will be the final grade for the semester. Report cards will be finalized, printed, and sent home with students on the final day of school without the TCAP scores being included.

After school resumes in the fall, we will adjust any studentís grade whose final grade would increase by the addition of the TCAP score being calculated into the grade and make that correction on the permanent record.  We will not adjust any grade that would result in a studentís final grade decreasing. Hopefully, these decisions will allow you and your child to end this school year on a positive note without having anxiety or concern about undetermined grades.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your childís principal.


Jason Vance