Let's Review

With more than three weeks till the deadline, it appears that a lot of folks are ready to get into the political arena. Nearly 50 people have picked up petitions to seek reelection or to challenge an incumbent. Some people have even picked up petitions for more than one position. Of course they can choose only one race to participate in. Another oddity in this election are the number of folks who have changed the office they were going to seek or their party affiliation. So let's catch up.

As of the end of last week more new names showed up. Pat Hunter has picked petitions for fifth district commission for both seat "A" and "B". Also Sherri Colvard has picked up for a run at the Trustee's office.

As for changes, Tim Brewster has withdrawn as a candidate for road superintendent. Gregory Hackney who was in the Mayor's race has withdrawn and has now picked up to run for county commission in the forth district currently held by Roy Bledsoe.

Daryl Miller had picked up a petition to run in the republican primary for second district commissioner. Miller has now decided to run in the democrat primary opposing current commissioner Earlena Maples.

Looks like there is a lot of interest in the election and I suspect that before it's all over we're going to see some more candidates jump in the races. The best place to keep up with all the in's and out's is the 2010 Election Watch Box. But remember, nothing matters till February 18th, 12:00 noon. That's the deadline to file qualifying petitions. Till then it's all speculation.