Let's Debate

With the August election getting close, many of you have received or seen information on many of the local candidates, including myself. Flyers, cards, nail files and even web sites. Of course all the candidates are going to tell you their good points. It's doubtful they are going to tell you their bad points. So what's a voter to do? How can a voter know who is the best candidate for the job? The best way to get to know the candidates is one on one. But it would be almost impossible for any candidate to be able to meet everyone of their constituents. The next best thing, public forums or debates.

On July the 18th, 7:00 pm, the Loudon County Democratic Women will be hosting School Board Candidate Forum at the Democrat Headquarters, 102 West Broadway in Lenoir City. Each candidate will be allowed to speak for five minutes on their vision for Loudon County Schools followed by a question and answer session. The forum is open to the public. All are welcome to attend regardless of party affiliation. 

Personally, I wish we could have many forums or debates before the election but so far this is the only one planned. Hope to see you there. In other counties, local media or chambers of commerce host such forums. Unfortunately, in Loudon County, this never happens.