Let's End It Monday

Several folks sent me a copy of the most recent issue of the Tellico Village Tell-E-Gram. This is the inter-community news letter sent to Tellico Village residents from the Property Owners Association.

One article in the Tell-E -Gram is titled From The Boardroom: "Setting The Record Straight". This is yet another article claiming the POA wants to settle the ongoing problem of lots in the village that are delinquent on property taxes, and there are hundreds of them. According to the POA, they have tried repeatedly to settle this matter with the county and that's just a bold faced lie. They now say they have sent a letter offering to settle the matter.

Here's what I suggest. Instead of just bloviating in the media, how about the POA officials come to the county commission workshop Monday night and let's deal with this.

If this time there's any truth in the POA's statement and they are willing to sign the necessary documents waving all POA assessment fees on those 700 plus lots with no strings attached, then count me in. I'm all about getting rid of all those worthless properties. The county shouldn't be and doesn't want to be in the property management business.

So to Mr. Blazer, Mr. Cherry and anyone else who sits on the little board, Monday March 21, 6:00 at the county office building will be our workshop. Come with your paperwork in hand and let's end this foolishness once and for all.