Lenoir City woman searching for stolen wedding rings after burglary
Whitney Good, WATE 6
LENOIR CITY (WATE) – A Lenoir City woman is asking for help finding her stolen wedding rings. A missing class ring turned up earlier this week in a bizarre place.

Linda White had been staying with her parents waiting on some repairs to be made at her McGhee Square apartment, but she said she went to check on her cats one day and found the place in shambles.

“The whole apartment had been ransacked, gone through, trashed,” she said.

She soon noticed her mother’s class ring and two wedding sets, one from her husband who died in 2006, were gone. Several other valuable items, including a computer, cameras and gemstones, were also missing.

“I was physically sick, just completely, totally ill,” said White. “I’ve never had a problem. It’s been an okay place to live.”

White said she believes someone at the apartment complex was behind the burglary, because the class ring showed up in an unusual spot earlier this week.

“I drive home to my parents’ house, get out of my truck, or was taking things out, and I heard something rattle,” she said.

It had been slid around the antenna of her truck.

Her wedding rings were still nowhere to be found. She is hopeful someone might know where they are and get them home.

“There is no reason for this. No one should have to go through this kind of mess,” she said.

White said one of the wedding sets that is missing is brushed yellow gold with a white gold inset with diamonds.

The other is gold with one diamond. The bands are welded together, but one band is broken at the bottom.

If you have any information about the rings or any of the other stolen items, you can call the Lenoir City Police Department at (865) 986-2005.