Lenoir City students face discipline

By Hugh G. Willett knoxnews.com

At least nine Lenoir City High School students are facing disciplinary action, including suspension for up to one year, for violation of the school's zero tolerance policy regarding drugs, officials said.

Lenoir City Schools Director Wayne Miller confirmed that an as-yet-undetermined number of students were involved in an incident last week where prescription pills allegedly were being distributed. Miller declined to say how many students have been suspended, citing the fact that the investigation continues.

Nine students are scheduled for a disciplinary hearing, but that number may change depending how many of the suspended students' parents exercise their right to the hearing and appeals process, Miller said.

"An investigation is ongoing, and each student found to have taken part will be subject to disciplinary action reflective of the infraction," Miller said.

Each parent will be given the opportunity for a hearing next week where the final disposition of each case will be determined. Law enforcement will be involved through the school resource officer, he said.

Lenoir City Police Chief Don White said none of the students involved were adults and that those suspended were charged as juveniles, but he did not know the number of students charged. The pills allegedly being distributed have been sent to TBI for analysis, he said.

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According to city sources, last week there were also as many as four other students who were expelled or suspended for inappropriate physical contact. According to reports, a teacher discovered the students in a bathroom and reported the matter to administrators. No official information has been released on the matter as of yet.