Lenoir City family posts picture of Mom for Sale

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Lenoir City family thought it would be funny to take a family picture holding signs saying 'Mom for Sale'. They never expected the outcome they would get from posting it to social media.

Brandy Boone is a single mom raising three teenagers in her house. So when the family decided to get some fall pictures taken, they thought it might be funny to capture a moment that truly depicts the character of the family. After thinking it through they decided it would be funny if Boone's three kids were holding signs that read 'Mom for Sale'.

"It was just something...We are just a goofy little bunch of small family here. And they were 100 percent for it," Boone explained.

But when Boone posted the picture to Facebook, men started bidding numbers for the chance to meet Boone. It was never what Boone or her kids intended, and they quickly realized their joke was being taken too far.

"I didn't really like them putting money to it," Boone's daughter Kat said. "I find that disrespectful. If there's one thing I've learned, it's women aren't worth a dollar amount."

So Boone decided to change directions with her post, and asked anyone who was willing to pay money to meet her, to donate their money to a local charity instead. Boone chose to donate to Mission of Hope because it is a charity that will help children throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Boone's children said there is no amount of money that anyone could give that would equal the value of their mom. And this family joke between the four of them, will for now, stay between the four of them.

"This is who we are. And we love each other very much, and we have a great time together. So we were just sharing that," Boone said.