Lenoir City considers campaign sign change

Stephanie Myers-News-Herald

Lenoir City Council discussed reducing the time for public office election signs from 60 to 30 days.

"I've had several complaints about - and I'm sure members of City Council has too - about the signs during the political season," Lenoir City Mayor Tony Aikens said to open up the workshop Monday afternoon. "And we got to looking at the ordinances and it would be my suggestion that we simply reduce the days from 60 days to 30 days. I think that is plenty of time myself to look at them."

The ordinance, if it is later approved by council, will only impact city right-of-ways and not private property.

Councilman Bobby Johnson wanted to scrap all signage in the city.

"I've been involved in those signs and I've been just as guilty as anybody that has run for an office. Especially if you get up here on that (Highway) 321 you've got them lined up there and these tourists come through here," Johnson said. "I know a lot of people want to put the signs up, but we've got a newspaper and we've got radios. ... From my part, including me, I would just as soon as do away with it. Let's go another way in advertising."

Council motioned for City Administrator Dale Hurst to draft an ordinance from 60 to 30 days.

Council also discussed a street lighting request for Green Meadows Lane in the Executive Meadows subdivision and Flora Drive in the Allenbrook subdivision. After discussing the request, council concluded to allow Hurst to pinpoint prices and then move from there.

Shore Builders Inc., sent an email to the city proposing to pay for two street lights and the city pay for the installation of two additional lights in Allenbrook. Home owners in Executive Meadows are asking for two street lights, with one potentially to be paid for by the city.