LCUB to lower electric rates

News Sentinel staff

Lenoir City Utilities Board said today it will forward to its customers a fuel cost adjustment by TVA that will result in a 6 percent decrease in electric rates to its customers in Loudon and West Knox counties.

“LCUB plans to pass along the 6 percent decrease to its customers effective Jan. 1, 2009,” LCUB General Manager Fred Nelson said in a statement. “A typical customer of LCUB may see an approximate $4.80 to $5 decrease in their monthly electrical bill for at least the first quarter of next year.”

TVA announced earlier this month it was adjusting its fuel costs because of some savings and was lowering power rates it charges TVA power distributors by 6 percent on Jan. 1.

KUB announced Thursday that it also was passing on TVA’s rate decrease to its customers. Typical KUB customers will be paying $4.98 less for every 1,000 kilowatts of electricity used.