LCUB position will not be refilled

Brittany Davenport News Herald

A resignation at the Lenoir City Utilities Board has left a manager's position vacant.

Greg Jones resigned from his position as manger of water/wastewater Jan. 16 after a meeting with LCUB manager Shannon Littleton, Littleton said. "He left on good terms and from my understanding he's already employed elsewhere," he said.

Jones decided, Littleton said, it was probably best for him to vacate or resign his position. "In turn his position was eliminated at LCUB," Littleton said.

The position itself will not be refilled. There had been previous discussion about eliminating the position, but there is not really a reason for it now, Littleton said.

"For the most part, we're not going to fill the position at this point, obviously for the savings to the rate payers and we're going to just divide up work internally for a while and we do have some consulting engineers who are helping out, but were just not going to fill that position at this point," he said. "We'll miss him here at LCUB. I'll miss him personally and I wish him the best," Littleton said.