LCUB OK's $1.4 million for Town Creek interceptor project phase II
Heather Mays - Farragut Press Thu, Jun, 19, 2008

Lenoir City Utilities Board awarded a bid to Garrison Construction Company, Inc. for $1,425,654.95 for the Town Creek interceptor project phase II.

“This is the second phase for Town Creek interceptor … this is carried up from Highway 321 and up to the project,” said Greg Jones, water and wastewater manager.

Members of the Board discussed how much the developer would be able to pay for the second phase of the sewer line.

“Shannon [Littleton] has discussed that with him. I believe it’s upward of $200,000,” Jones said.

“He has indicated to me that this is part of the development project and part of this money will go to [this] sewer project,” said LCUB attorney Littleton.