LCUB lowering industrial rates

Tammy Cheek News Herald

Members of the Lenoir City Utilities Board are trying to give industrial companies a break. Monday, the board voted to reduce its rate to those customers, contingent upon the state's approval. 

Presently, the rates are $8.12 per thousand gallons for industrial customers inside the city and $10.50 for outside customers. The board agreed to change the rate for industrial customers to $5.70 per thousand gallons for both inside and outside customers. "We need to get a handle on the industrial rate," General Manager Shannon Littleton said. He warned with the rates as they are, LCUB could los industrial companies, which has already happened. "I think we can demonstrate this is a sufficient rate," Littleton said. "This change comes after a great deal of work," Mayor Matt Brookshire said. "The Economic and Community Development Agency helped to do this. Since we first passed the (current) rate some time ago, we wanted to give some relief."

The mayor praised all those who spent so much time to get the rates down. Along the same line, the board voted to approve a wastewater discharge contract with Wamplers and Family Brands. As with the rates, the contract will be contingent upon the state's approval. 

In other business, the board approved several awards of bids for various projects. Among those awards, the board approved Yates Construction as the lowest and best bidder to construct transformer pads at the Solway substation. The company's bid was $46,872.

The board also approved tree trimming contracts to the following companies to do work at the following sites: Galloway Construction LLC, $119,890 at Manis 214, $44,886 at Cedar Bluff 224 and $47,698 at Solway 224; Asplundh Tree Expert Company Inc., $28,898.40 at Ebenezer 244, $49,289.60 at Lenoir City 264, $29,289.60 at Lovell 244, $7,322,40 at Lovell 274, $26,352.60 at Lovell 284, $13,907.20 at Lovell 234, $14,644.80 at Northshore 234, $71,530.80 at Eaton 224 and $18,306 at Watt 214; Lancaster Tree and Lawn Service, $28,560 at Ebenezer 224; and ABC Professional Tree Service, $4,500 at Manis 224. The total cost is $545,392.20.

Additionally, the board awarded landscape maintenance and mowing contracts to the following companies, listed as lowest and best bidders: Lasting Impressions Lawn Care for work at the warehouse on 900 Nelson St. at $218 per week, gas department properties at $29 per week, sewer department properties at $176 per week and electric department properties at $396 per week. They also awarded a bid to Thomas Complete Lawn Care for work at water department properties at $200 per week. 

Another bid awarded went to Service Electric Company for substation transformer pad construction.  The bid was $159,620. 

In other business, the board:

Approved a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Generation Partners Pilot agreement, which will become effective in August. 

Authorized the electric department to purchase the following materials, 500 GE-210 from 2S Class 320 amps for $77 each, 500 SP-2386-K4 adapters for $60 each, 5,000 GE 1-210 meters for $26.70 each; 5,000 Centron meters at $26.75 each, 5,000 Tantalus modules for Itron at $26.70 each; 5,000 Tantalus modules for GE at $82.25 each and 250 Tantalus 220 MHZ transceivers at $315 each.

Approved the purchase of a Ford F-450 cab and chassis from Ted Russell Ford for $28,130. 

Agreed to combine revenues for the water and wastewater departments to support the solvency of the wastewater department. The board also voted to      combine the checking accounts for the two departments into one joint account.