LCRS Annual Fund Drive

The Loudon County Fire And Rescue Squad's annual fund drive is underway.  Staff members from Excalibur Marketing on behalf of LCRS will be working through out the county till Friday September 11th asking for voluntary donations for the squad.
All salesperson are carrying an identifying letter from the Loudon County Rescue Squad signed by Chief Bill Hart, Assistant Chief Michael Hodge and Captain Kevin Abercrombie stating that they represent the Loudon County Rescue Squad in this fund raiser.

The squad is an all voluntary organization providing fire protection, crash response, water rescue and many other services for the residents of Loudon County. They receive funding from Loudon County but still depend on the annual fund raiser to help cover the cost of operations for the organization.

Squad members would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

"I would like to thank everyone who has and will contributed to our annual fund raiser. Without the support of these citizens of Loudon County it would be hard to meet our expected goals."


Chief Bill Hart