LCPD Double Trouble

With the long Labor Day weekend just kicking off, the Lenoir City Police Department decided it would be a good time for another DUI check point but with a twist. With a dozen cursers and even more manpower, officers spent several hours checking vehicles on both sides of Hwy. 321 before pulling up stakes and moving quickly to Adessa Boulevard for a second round of inspections, leaving those who might be tempted to drink and drive wondering where they might be next.

Officers check 1190 of the 1558 vehicles that passed through the check point. Ten citations were issued and three arrest were made.

The arrest's came when a trio of drinkers attempted to avoid the check point. The driver struck a curb before being stopped by officer Tinnel where the arrest's were made. Click here for video.

LCPD plans more check points in the near future.

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