LCHS Coach's Future Uncertain

The future for Lenoir City High School's boys basketball coach, Tony Williams, seems uncertain at best. At an informal meeting Friday night of about forty parents whose children play for the coach, it was discussed that Coach Williams may not be rehired for another year. Williams, a Lenoir city High graduate, who has completed his three year probationary period would be eligible this year for re-hire with tenure if so recommended by the director of schools.

It was obvious by the statements of  the parents in attendance at the meeting that Mr. Williams had earned the respect and admiration of those parents. Describing Mr. Williams as a good coach, a great role model and the kind of person they want teaching and training their children, the parents were searching for ways to show their support for the coach in hope that he will be rehired.

Under the law, a teacher who meets all other educational requirements and has fulfilled the three year probationary period is eligible for rehire with tenure upon a positive recommendation of the director of schools. In the absence of a positive recommendation from the director, the board of education can not confer tenure on a teacher. However the board can extend the contract without tenure of a teacher for another year without recommendation of the director.

After the meeting, it was announced that a meeting with Wayne Miller, director of schools will be held Wednesday night at 7:00 in the central office meeting room.