LC Saves The Day

Looks like the Loudon County Visitor's Bureau will not have to close it's doors after all. At least not this year. Lenoir City officials dug a little deeper in the well to come up with an additional $24,000.00 for the bureau.

The Visitor's Bureau had run on hard times after the county reduced it's funding earlier in the year to around $100,000.00. Officials with the Visitor's Bureau had stated that they would have to close the doors if additional funding did not come through.

Historically, the county commission had solely funded the Visitor's Bureau with proceeds from the county's hotel/motel tax revenues. Commissioner's decided this year to reduce the funding to allow Lenoir City to pick up at least part of the tab. City officials had committed $20,000.00 unrestricted to the Visitor's Bureau but with the county's reduction the Visitor's Bureau still felt that would be short the funding needed to continue their operations.

At Monday's city council meeting council anteed up the additional 24k bringing the total government funding for the Visitor's Bureau to around $144,000.00. Mayor Matt Brookshire made it clear that this was a one time additional funding.