LC mom delivers on the side of the interstate.

Mom, baby doing well after delivery on interstate mom, Ashley Stevens, said she started feeling some pain early Tuesday morning, but didn't think too much of it.

"This is our first born, and we weren't sure if these were the real contractions," said Stevens. She and her husband ran errands all day.

"Obviously contractions never feel good, but they were starting to hurt a little bit more," said Stevens.

Finally, around 6:00 on Tuesday evening, they decided to head to the hospital.

"We were like throwing clothes on, packing our stuff, and started driving toward University of Tennessee, where we were planning on delivering," said Stevens.

On the way from their home in Lenoir City to the hospital, Stevens said she just couldn't make it any further. Her husband flagged an officer down, and they both pulled over near the Bridgewater exit going eastbound on Interstate 40.

"I was trying to breath and not push so that we wouldn't deliver in the car, but she did what she wanted to do," said Stevens.

A few minutes later Isabella was born.

"We were scared because we didn't have any baby equipment or anything," said Stevens.

The THP Officer, who happened to be a Certified EMT, had already called an ambulance and the Knoxville Fire Department.

"I pretty much immediately walked to the stretcher with the umbilical cord attached, and they put her in my lap. We got in the ambulance, and we sped over to UT," said Stevens.

Ella is a healthy baby girl weighing in at six pounds and three ounces.

"It could have been worse I guess if she were bigger or if there were twins," said Stevens. She said this taught her a lesson: when you start to feel like you should head to the hospital...just go.

"Even if you show up early, it's probably easier than delivering on the interstate," Stevens joked.

Ashley and baby Ella are both in excellent health, and they are expecting to head home tomorrow. Trooper Mark Self told us he was just happy to be in the right place at the right time.