LC Lead Results Are In
And They're Not Good

For years, the property known as the old car works property in the heart of Lenoir City has been the subject of a lot of concern due to some serious contamination that took place on the site for many years. At one time the site was even included on the federal super fund list. The 100 acre site was a foundry producing train wheels and other heavy train equipment for decades.

Late last year and this year, the Tennessee Department Of Environment And Conservation (TDEC) has been conducting tests for ground contamination on properties all around the old car works site. TDEC has also offered lead testing for people living around the site.

The results of the ground test are in and their not good. At least not if you live in the area. According to a letter from TDEC to at least one property owner, lead levels in the yard exceed EPA established safe levels and therefore could pose an increased health risk from bare soil. It is recommended to washing the face, hands and feet thoroughly after working or playing in the yard to lessen the health risk. Also no fruit or vegetables grown in the yard should be eaten.

What's most disturbing about this one report, is it refers to property along West Broadway that is across the railroad tracks and at a much higher elevation than the old site. It's a sure bet that properties at lower elevations or nearer the site could be much worse.

It's unsure what TDEC's next move will be but residents in the affected area currently have nowhere to turn for help.