LC Has New Codes Officer

Sweetwater Codes Officer Resigns, Takes New Job as Lenoir City Codes Enforcement Officer, Newspaper reports  

By Pat Hunter


According to the Monroe County Advocate Democrat website posted on 01-31-2008,  “Sweetwater Code Enforcement/Planning and Development Officer Leslie Johnson has turned in her resignation effective Feb. 12 to take a higher paying similar position in Lenoir City.”


“In all honesty, I am just following the money,” Johnson said. “If I listened to my heart, I would never leave.” Lenoir City offers very generous benefits and wages for a small city with a population of 6,819, 2000 U.S. Census. Sweetwater is slightly smaller with a population of 5586, 2000 U.S. Census. 


The news article captioned “City codes enforcement officer resigns,” informed readers that Leslie Johnson, Sweetwater City Codes Enforcement had tendered her resignation. Feb12th would be her last “official” day on the job but that she would still attend some meetings during the month.


Coincidently, Leslie Johnson was one of five applicants named by the Lenoir City Personnel Committee, which had scheduled interviews to fill the vacancy of Building Codes Enforcement officer for the City of Lenoir City. Other candidates applying for the vacancy of codes enforcement included individuals that were certified in building codes from other areas including Oak Ridge City, Knoxville City, Sweetwater City, and Loudon County.


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