LC Elections

Aside from the presidential election, the other election with the most local interest would be the Lenoir City election.

Three incumbent city councilmen are seeking re-election. Bobby Johnson Sr., Eddie Simpson and Harry Wampler are all looking to return to the council. The other three councilmen's terms are not up this year but will be up in 2014.

This year, a fourth candidate, Becky Watkins is seeking a seat on the council.

This will be Ms, Watkins second run for a seat on the council. In 2010, Ms Watkins came up less than 40 votes short to win a seat. She was edged out by now councilman Jim Shields.   

The LC council race is a nonpartisan "at large" election meaning the top three vote getters win. That opens the race for a unique circumstance not found in designated seat races. When a voter goes to the polls, they have the option to vote for any three of the four candidates but what some candidates do is ask the voters to "single shot" them. That means the voter would only vote for one candidate instead of three. What this does is triple the value of that one vote in other words, that one vote really equals three.

In what is a first for the city, candidate Jim Wilburn running for Treasurer/Recorder, does not live in the city. Surprisingly, the city charter has no residency requirement to seek or hold the office of  Treasurer/Recorder. This is the only elective office in the city absent the requirement. So even though Wilburn can run, he can't vote for himself.

Wilburn is the current interim Treasurer/Recorder receiving the appointment after former Treasurer/Recorder Bobby Johnson resigned in 2011.

Wilburn is being challenged for the Treasurer/Recorder spot by Randall J. Brown. This will be Brown's first dip into local politics. Mr. Brown is a city resident.

Both Brown and Wilburn have backgrounds in business or accounting. The difference in the election may depend on how voters feel about a non-resident holding elected office for the city.