Last Pitch

Me and my campaign team, Abby and Caleb

With early voting beginning in just a few days and the election just a few weeks away, to use an old baseball term,  this will be my last pitch to the voters of the fifth district.

First I would like to thank the voters of the fifth district for allowing me to represent them for the last four years on the school board. We have made many great improvements in these last four years. I am asking you for your vote and support for a second term in the August election.

By all accounts, my opponent, Jeremy Buckles, is a fine young man. Unfortunately, his lack of any experience in finance, business, management, home ownership or even self supportiveness make him ill prepared to deal with the realities and challenges required to manage a school system with five thousand students, six hundred and fifty employees and a forty million dollar budget or prepared him with the political fortitude to take on those in the education system determined to drain the tax payer's pockets.

On his campaign web site, he states, among other things, that his experiences in sixth grade have helped prepared him to serve on the school board. He also states, now at the age of 21 his "life experiences" led him to get into the race. In some years from now after Mr. Buckles has actually had some life experiences, such as being a property owner, paid property taxes, held a job, lived independent of his parents, maybe raised a family, he may very well be better prepared to serve the public.

Click Here For Buckles Web Site

I have thirty-five years of successful, self-employed,  private sector business experience and ten years of local government experience having served on both county commission and the school board. I have proven time and time again, I will not be swayed nor intimidated by special interest groups. I will always represent my constituents. For twenty-three years, I have served as the volunteer director of the Eaton Ruritan Park. I've dealt with literally tens of thousands of children and parents and all the challenges that come with such a large program. I've been married for thirty-three years and helped raise two successful boys. I'm a self employed home maintenance contractor and manage my wife's family's 215 acre farm. 

My opponent, Mr. Buckles, claims he wants to bring a "new vision and new ideas" to the school board. Last time we heard talk like that, we got our current president. The Loudon County school board doesn't need a "new vision and new ideas" we just need to continue on the path we're on now. We've cut our budget for the first time ever, we're building two new schools and expanding another one. We've eliminated many unnecessary positions and programs. For the first time in a long time, we're heading in the right direction.  Mr. Buckles states he wants to add more new programs to the curriculum. Mr. Buckles doesn't seem to understand that new programs mean more money.

For much of my adult life I have been involved in community service in Loudon County in one form or another. I know I have offended some and angered some by taking a stand on sometimes controversial issues. But I've always believed in the saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything."

Elections have consequences. For years, the Loudon County School Board struggled to accomplish anything or manage their finances. Let's not go back to those days. Let's stick with experience. 

If the voters of the fifth district see fit to re-elect me to the school board, you can always know I will be representing your interests.  

Early voting begins Friday with election day August 2.