Knox County plans to sue Farragut for tax money

Gerald Witt

Farragut’s Mayor and the Knox County School Board’s chairwoman say they don’t want to go to court over $1.35 million in unpaid taxes. But that’s exactly what is going to happen. “Nobody is wanting a fight,” said Knox Board of Education Chairwoman Lynne Fugate, “but the law says you either file a suit by June 1 or you give up your right to collect the money.”


Other communities are making good on money they owe school systems. Knoxville and Knox County are up to date with their payments. Sevier County officials said cities there have paid back taxes they owed schools.
Lenoir City Mayor Tony Aikens said he has spoken with Loudon County schools director Jason Vance about whether a portion of the taxes Lenoir City collects from drink sales should go to county schools.
County schools officials have suggested that 65.7 percent of the liquor tax revenue collected by Lenoir City should go to county schools, which would reflect the county’s general funding split for county schools. The discussions, both sides have said, are cordial.

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