for Building Program Recommendations

(As presented by the Director of Schools)



            All evidence points to the overall improvement of student performance and parental involvement in the PreK – 8 setting.  As students’ ages increase and transition from one school facility into another occurs, we experience a drop in both of these areas.  With a continuous flow of grades from PreK through 8th this is not as apparent.




            By constructing another PreK – 8 school near the I-75 Highway 72 exit, we can reduce the overcrowding at both current Loudon Elementary and Fort Loudoun Middle schools.  By connecting the two existing facilities into one PreK – 8 school we will have two PreK – 8 schools that can adequately serve a total of 1,600 students with the capacity to grow to a total of 2,000 students.  By renovating and expanding the existing Steekee Elementary into a PreK – 8 school that can serve 600 students and a capacity to grow into an 800-student school, we can further reduce the impact on the Loudon facilities.

            In relocating the Loudon High office area to the entrance of the building we can better monitor those entering and leaving.  It will increase the safety in this school.  The auditorium is in desperate need of renovation and with the SFMO restricting use to only passing through to reach the band room and choral area we have lost the use of this area completely.  With the growing student population at Loudon High the need for additional classroom space is becoming critical.  By constructing a “Freshman Academy” this will give the added space to accommodate additional student enrollment.

            Philadelphia Elementary needs a new kitchen and dining area to serve their growing student population.  The additional four classrooms will provide space for some growth.




            Greenback has available property on which to construct a new school facility.  By building a new school for grades PreK – 12 with a capacity of 900 students, this will provide for immediate growth in the short term (5 – 8 years).  If the present building is retained for potential future use when growth exceeds the capacity of the new facility, the newer portions of the existing school can be renovated and brought up to SFMO code requirements in order to provide for grades 9 – 12.  By maintaining the athletic facilities on the present campus adequate space will be provided for teams in both high school and middle school grades to have practice/game facilities without the need for exceptionally long days/evenings when basketball season begins.

            By keeping the present building available the option to renovate portions for future use will be there when the need arises.




            Construct a new middle school for grades 6 – 8 on the property on Highway 321.  This will remove approximately 700 – 800 students from the present Eaton/North Middle campus thereby improving the traffic problems considerably.  By converting the present Eaton Elementary into a PreK – 2 school and converting existing North Middle into an intermediate school for grades 3 – 5, sufficient space will be created for PreK – 5 on the present campus for several years.

            Expand the existing Highland Park Elementary to accommodate 800 students in grades PreK – 8 with a core capacity for 1,000 students.  This will require the purchase of some additional property to expand the campus to allow for the area taken by the addition to the present facility.

            Continue to seek suitable property in the 6th legislative district (Martel area) for a future PreK – 8 school.  This will permit the enrollment at Highland Park to remain reasonably small as future growth continues.  Renovate the classroom areas in the intermediate school (existing North Middle) to bring them up to current standards.  Renovate and expand the Alternative School at LCTC as required.






            If a school loses student enrollment through this building program, the Board should strongly consider providing any special programs (art, music, etc.) that are currently earned through the State by virtue of the current enrollment until that school grows into earning State funding to provide that program once again.

            As additions/renovations are accomplished at any existing school facility, the HVAC units should be replaced by new, more efficient units.  Kitchens should be renovated and upgraded (except where new kitchens are built).

            Future new high school for grades 9 – 12 in the northern area of the county as student population increases to the point that Lenoir City is forced to terminate enrollment by students residing outside of the Lenoir City limits.

             Potential relocation of central offices to another location.  If this becomes necessary and the decision is to utilize LCTC for this purpose, the Alternative School changes could be accomplished at that time.

Loudon County Schools

Long Range Building Plan Proposal




Phase 1 –

A.     Purchase property near Exit 72 at I-75 and build a PK-8 school with a functional capacity of 800 and a core capacity of 1,000.

·         Estimated cost $16,000,000 plus land


B.      Renovate and add new kitchen/dining area and four (4) classrooms at

Philadelphia Elementary.

·         Estimated cost $1,750,000


C.      Renovate and connect current Loudon Elementary and Fort Loudoun

Middle into one building for PK-8 with a capacity of 800 and a core

capacity of 1,000.

·         Estimated cost $10,500,000


D.     Renovate Loudon High auditorium and relocate office area to front of building.

·         Estimated cost $1,250,000


Phase 2 -

A.     Expand Steekee Elementary to a PK-8 with a capacity of 600 and a

core capacity of 800

·         Estimated cost $2,500,000 plus additional land


B.      Renovate areas of Loudon High and construct a freshman academy


·         Estimated cost $4,250,000




Phase 1 – Build a PK-12 facility for 900 with a core capacity of 900 on the

               property acquired on Morganton Road.

·         Estimated cost $26,000,000


Phase 2 - Renovate portions of the existing building at Greenback for

                 appropriate future use.

·         Estimated cost $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 (depending on usage)




Phase 1 –

A.     Build a middle school for grades 6-8 with a capacity of 900 and a core capacity of 1,200 on the property on Highway 321.

·         Estimated cost $22,000,000


B.      Convert existing Eaton Elementary into a PK-2 school.  Replace HVAC and make any renovations necessary for PreK facilities.

·         Estimated cost $1,850,000


C.      Convert existing North Middle into a 3-5 grade school.  Construct new kitchen at rear of current multi-purpose room and convert multi-purpose room into dining area.  Replace HVAC in original section of building.

·         Estimated cost $1,850,000


D.     Convert Highland Park Elementary into a PK-8 school with a capacity of 800 and a core capacity of 1,000.  Acquire additional property as needed.

·         Estimated cost $12,000,000 plus additional land

Phase 2 –

          A.  Locate suitable property in the 6th district for a new PK-8 school with a

                 capacity of 800 and a core capacity of 1,000.

·         Estimated cost $17,500,000 plus land



B.  Renovate original pods at the 3-5 intermediate school.

·         Estimated cost $1,500,000


C.  Renovate and expand the Alternative School areas at LCTC and

     replace HVAC as necessary.

·         Estimated cost $1,900,000  (does not include converting space for

   housing Board offices)



Talking Points:

A.     Any school that will lose programs due to reduction in enrollment

will be able to retain those programs with local funding until the

enrollment increases to regain State funding.


B.      All renovations/additions to existing buildings include new HVAC

      units and kitchen upgrades (unless new kitchen is built).


C.      Potential future new county high school in northern section of



D.     Potential relocation of board of education offices to LCTC.  If this

      becomes necessary, alternative school could be included at this