Around midnight Sunday night while still at the hospital being treated for his injuries, the same man who had already led local officials on two man hunts got loose again. This time for only a short time. Josh Hayworth still in leg chains and handcuffs ask to use the bathroom and minutes later had disappeared into the ceiling of the hospital. A host of sheriff deputies and LC police officers and the fire department quickly responded. Hayworth was found about thirty minutes later still in the rafters of the building and was for the third time captured. As the old saying goes, that boy's got some rabbit in him.

Authorities capture Loudon County escapee

Loudon County Sheriff's Department Assistant Chief Jimmy Davis says Josh Hayworth is being treated for injuries at a local hospital after he was captured by a K-9 Sunday night.

Hayworth escaped from the Loudon County Justice Center Sunday evening before he could be booked.

Davis says Hayworth caused two separate manhunts on Sunday.

The first search started shortly before 3pm Sunday afternoon on White Road in Lenoir City.

A deputy responded to a car wreck on White Road and that's when he discovered a stolen car and reported Hayworth had fled the scene on foot.

Loudon County Sheriff's Department launched a manhunt and found Hayworth 2 hours later with the help of a resident living along White Road.

The homeowner told officers they saw Hayworth around their property, invited him in for some refreshments, then called dispatchers.

Deputies took Hayworth to the Loudon County Justice Center where he was put into a holding cell.

While a jailer was taking Hayworth to a bathroom, the arrestee ran out a back door that was buzzed open to allow another employee into the holding cell area.

Deputies started another search in the woods behind the Justice Center.

Investigators set up a perimeter along the tree line between Browder School Road and Vaughns Chapel Road.

At around 9:27pm Sunday night, officers spotted Hayworth under a brush pile and demanded he surrender. When Hayworth did not respond, K-9 Deputy Chris Jenkins and his K-9 partner "Diego" went in to get him. Diego punctured Hayworth's upper left thigh.

Hayworth is being treated at a local hospital before he will be returned to the jail.