Just Not So

Just this past week, I read where Governor Haslem was again calling his gas tax hike a tax cut and our own state senator, Randy McNally agrees. Some how these and other state officials continue to cling to the lie that the gas tax increase is some how a tax cut. Doesn't matter how many times one tells a lie, it still doesn't make it true.

Let's do the math. Year one of the gas tax increase, gas and diesel fuel go up 4. Some food taxes go down one percent. So on $75 in groceries/food we saved 75. I bought 30 gallons of diesel for my truck this week and the wife bought 20 gallons of gas for her car. So this week we saved 75¢ on food but we spent an extra $2 for gas.

Now I'm no math genius, but I think even in common core math, $2 is still more than 75. And this is just year one. In year two gas goes up another penny and diesel goes up another three cents. Food tax cut stays at one percent. In year three diesel goes up another three cents and gas goes up another penny. Yet the food tax cut still stays at one percent. Oh and by the way, the cost to renew your vehicle tag went up $5 making registrations $29 now.

So, Bill Haslam, Randy McNally and all you other lying republicans, stop peeing down our backs and telling us it's raining. We're not that stupid.

You raised our taxes with two billion dollars in the fund balance.

Just tell the truth.