Just Like This

Last month I raised the idea of basic firearm safety instruction being taught in all Loudon County schools. My idea was that it could be taught by SRO's, school resource officers, who are already working in every school. Seems like the simplest and most effective approach.

However, when discussed at a school board meeting, there seemed to be endless problems that came up with that idea. Some raised concerns about the cost of such a program. I can only assume that if the school board has so much money they can take a three day vacation to Gatlinburg, then obviously money for children's safety should be no problem.

I think it was Sheriff Guider who raised concerns that SRO's teaching the classes "could take the officers “out of that element” from their regular security duties and potentially put students in harm's way."

I noticed the pictures below from the Sheriff's Dept. Facebook page. Shows an SRO officer and another officer reading to students. This is exactly how I thought firearm safety could be handled in the schools especially in lower grades.

What if they were reading to them about firearm safety instead of Dr. Seuss?     

I sure hope the school board doesn't just let this drop. What if just one youngster were saved some day if they came across a gun and remembered what the officer taught them at school.