Just 3 Left

With the eclipse, snow and sickness, Loudon County schools are down to just 3 snow days left. Lenoir City schools just have 1 or 2 left. Given that's it's just the first of February, the possibility of more cancelations between now and the end of the school year are pretty high. This is why it's so hard for the school directors to make the decision when to close the schools.

State law mandates that students attend 180 classroom days in the school year of at least 6.5 hours per day.

If the school systems do run out of off days and/or even use more off days than built into the system, directors have to figure out how to make up those days. Options could include extending the school year, Saturday school days or reducing spring break. None of the options set well with students I'm sure.

Maybe, we can get by with no more snow, sickness or unexpected days off but it doesn't hurt to know the options.