Judicial Vacancy

With the untimely passing of Lenoir City judge, Terry Vann, a vacancy now exists in that elected position and may be included on the August ballot.

State law and the city charter requires that a vacancy would be filled at the August election. The Lenoir City Charter states:

From the charter; Section 2. Absence or disability of city judge.

A vacancy in the office shall be filled by appointment by the City Council to serve until the next regular August general state election held more than 30 days after said appointment.

However, there is city ordinance that states:

(3) Vacancies in office. Vacancies in the office of city judge shall be filled by the city council for the unexpired portion of the term.

It appears that there is a discrepancy between state law, the city charter and a city ordinance. I'm sure city officials will be working closely with state and local election officials to properly fill the position.

Judge Vann was last elected in 2014. Whether elected or appointed, the new judge will fill out the unexpired eight year term.

Qualifications to be city judge are that he or she shall be a resident of the City of Lenoir City one year and a resident of Tennessee five years immediately preceding his election, at least 30 years old and licensed to practice law in Tennessee.  

According to the 2015-2016 Lenoir City budget, the salary for city judge is $65,358.00 plus benefits. Court is held at least one day per week.

If the position is to be on the August ballot, candidates will have till April 7th. to qualify.