Still Waiting

Many of us are waiting for the chancellor's ruling in the Lisa Niles lawsuit against the county.

The case was heard on December 11th before Chancellor Frank Williams at Loudon. The chancellor had said from the bench that he would have his decision early to mid week after the hearing. Instead the chancellor contacted the attorneys to say it would be another ten days before his ruling. The ten days would have been December the 24th. As of yesterday, the chancellor had still not issued his ruling.

There's a lot at stake for county tax payers depending on which way the judge rules. If he finds in favor of Ms. Niles, the tax payers are likely looking at a property tax increase. Even if he doesn't find in favor of Niles, the tax payers could likely be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees all due to Ms. Niles reckless legal action.

For now all we can do is just watch and wait on the outcome. Either side can appeal the judges decision if dissatisfied with the decision.

I'll keep you posted.