Jr.'s Pay Set

At Monday's Lenoir City council meeting, council heard a recommendation from the personal committee and approved the recommendation to set the salary of soon to be elected treasurer/recorder Bobby Johnson Jr.'s pay at $58,500.00 This would be commensurate to other department heads in the city. The pay scale had been a topic of discussion for some time after the voters rejected the mayor and others attempt to eliminate the elected position. Rumors had circulated that council might consider drastically cutting pay for the position.

Jr. was the only candidate to seek the position of treasurer/recorder therefore assuring him of an election day victory.

Much controversy has surrounded the office since long time recorder, Debbie Cook, retired early. Lenoir City judge, Terry Van, had asked for and received council's blessing to take over the duties of city court clerk. However information has now been received showing that move to be a violation of the city charter.

Jr. will be officially taking the reins of the office shortly after the November 4th election.