BOE Tightens Screws On Commission











Using their vast communications network, the Loudon County Board of Education and some principals are trying to tighten the screws on the Loudon County Commission. Commission has steadfastly refused to grant the BOE's request for another 4.5 mil. for next years budget. Letters and emails are being sent out to hundreds of parents citing the commission's refusal to grant the BOE's massive budget request as reason for concern in the future education for their children. BOE personal are encouraging parents to contact their commissioners and to attend Monday night's commission workshop in hopes of pressuring commission to give in to the BOE's demands. Even board chairman, Bobby Johnson Jr. has gotten in on the act. Johnson penned a letter that was sent out in a mass emailing.

May 14, 2008

Teachers, Staff Members, Parents and Concerned Citizens:

The Loudon County School System is facing a tough budget this year and could be facing major budget cuts.  The school board is waiting to see what state funding we will receive before we can make any decisions on the budget. 

Many of you may not know how the budget process works.  County Commission is the funding body, not the school board.  No matter what the school board believes is needed County Commission controls the money.  If Commission does not give us the funding, we cannot fund the budget.  With that being said, I am asking for your help.

Please contact the County Commission, County Mayor and the School Board to let them know how you feel.  Tell them your concerns.  The school board does not want to make these drastic cuts but without funding, we will have to do so.  We know, as a board, if this happens, we will crush morale and set our school system back ten years.  I do not believe this will be good for our system, our children or our employees.  Education must become more important in Loudon County.

I am willing to fight for our school system, are you?

Please attend all meetings and make contact with all commissioners and school board members.  Encourage the commissioners to wait on setting the tax rate until the state informs school systems about BEP funding for this year.  Commissioners cannot make an informed decision on setting the tax rate until they know our budget situation.

 Together we can make a difference!

Thank you,
Bobby Johnson, Jr., Chairman
Loudon County School Board

Threatening drastic measurs is the common attack used by the BOE when they feel that aren't getting their fair share of the pie. You may recall last year about this time when the BOE wanted more money and commission refused, the BOE threatened to eliminate busses and sports. It never happened. The Loudon County Commission will be meeting Monday at the county building to discuss budget matters including a property tax increase and a wheel tax.