Petition Time Again

If you've driven the roads in Loudon County lately, you probably noticed political campaign signs starting to pop up. Well, it's an election year. There will be three different elections this year. The first is March 1st, then in August then in November.

This Friday will be the first day for candidates wishing to run for office in the August 4th election to pick up their qualifying petitions. The August ballot will include state and federal candidates. It will also be the county general election.

This is an important election for county residents. Over half of the Loudon County School Board seats will be on the ballot.

School board seats are on the ballot in staggered terms. This year all the seats from the odd numbered districts will be on the ballot, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th. The current board members holding those seats are:

1st District
Kenny Ridings & Scott Newman

3rd District
Phillip Moffett

5th District
Gary Ubben & Jeremy Buckles

7th District
Craig Simon

The school board is responsible for more than half the county's entire budget and have a huge impact on property taxes.

Just as a reminder, last year several school board members voted for a multimillion dollar increase in their budget which would have required a twenty cent property tax increase. Fortunately, county commission derailed their plan.

Those school board members voting for the multimillion dollar increase and who are up for re-election in August are, 3rd District BOE member Phillip Moffett, 5th District members Gary Ubben & Jeremy Buckles and 7th District member Craig Simon

We'll talk lots more about the current board members and their voting records on spending and taxing at a later date.