Jail Vote Tuesday

The Loudon County commission is set to vote on the construction of a new jail/justice center at Tuesday's commission meeting. Normally the meetings are on Monday but this month's meeting is moved, due to the Labor Day holiday, to Tuesday, September 6th, 6:00 at the Court House Annex.

The proposed new jail/justice center would be located in Center 75 in Loudon. The estimated cost of the new facility is 31 million dollars. However, this estimate does not include furniture, fixtures or site preparation. The actual cost of the new facility would likely be several million dollars higher than proposed.

Commissioners aren't actually just voting on a new facility but will need to vote on a property tax increase to provide funding for the new facility. The estimated property tax increase needed would be between fifteen and eighteen cents or about a 10% increase in the property tax rate. 

I could not predict how the vote might go but I will not be voting for the new facility or the property tax increase needed to fund it.

Any one for or against the proposed tax increase may want to contact your commissioner or attend the Tuesday meeting to let your views be known.